Wushu Federation Philippines

The people behind the scenes

Wushu Federation Philippines (WFP) was organized by motley group of Chinese martial arts practitioners in 1987. Three years later, the Philippine Olympic Committee admitted the WFP as member. 

The same year which is a year prior to Manila’s second hosting of the Southeast Asian Games (1991), the Philippine Sports Commission recognized the WFP as a national sports association (NSA). The PSC is the government’s governing body for sports. 

As NSA, WFP is the governing body for Wushu and, therefore, entitled to receive financial  assistance from the government through the PSC. 

Sine qua non for a sports body to be a member of the POC and subsequently recognized by PSC is registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission; and affiliation with relevant International Sports Federation. In WFP’s case, the International Wushu Federation (IWUF).


Heading the 15-strong Board of Trustees of WFP as President is Godofredo “Freddie” Jalasco, erstwhile WFP vice president and executive director. He was former President of Southeast Asian Basketball Association and Basketball Association and was Chef de Mission of the Team Philippines to 2001 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games.

Chairing the Board is Jimmy Tan with Eddy Tanteko as Executive Vice President  and  Julian Camacho as Secretary General.

Other officers include Ice Skating Union secretary general Benito Lim, Vice Chairman, Anna Gan, 1st vice president; Ronald Ong, 2nd vice president; and Bobby Hongliangyi, treasurer.

Jimmy Ong, Samson Co, Tansuitong Candelaria, Lily Lim, Willy Wang, Ellen Ang and Richa Fernandez round out the WFP Board of Trustees.

Benito Lim, Jimmy Ong and Camacho were past WFP presidents while Tanteko, the two Ongs and Benito Lim are among the founders.